Mary Fontenot: Owner/Breeder

Bringing home your new puppy

Just a few Do's and Don'ts :

1. Please keep your puppy close to home for the first few months.

2. No groomers or boarding for several months.

3. No micro-chips for at least 9  months. Only do it if it is necessary. Not advised.

4. Please do not change your puppy's diet unless you encounter a problem with the Life's Abundance food that has been sent home with your puppy. If it does happen please let me know. No people food ! Yogurt is very good for them.* Nutra-Cal will be sent with your puppy, a very safe nutritious , high calorie supplement to help keep your puppy eating well during the transition from my home to yours.

4. No flea shampoos, powders, flea shots, flea pills , sprays or dips. These could put your puppy in danger. Liver damage , allergic reactions and  can jeopardize your puppy's health. 

5. Please keep your puppy on the correct vaccination schedule. They are scheduled at 3 week intervals for the first 3 vaccinations. Rabies can wait until 6 months old unless pups are flown at 12 weeks. * INTERCEPTOR for fleas can be used only if you really do have a flea problem. I do not recommend using anything for fleas unless absolutely necessary on pups. Heartworm preventatives can be started at 4-6 months old, consult with your veterinarian for possible safe choices.

* NEVER allow your veterinarian to give more than one vaccination at a time.

6. Your new pup will need a safe zone. Playpens with a soft bed, blanket, safe toys, food , fresh water and disposable potty pads . They are very good places to keep your puppy while you are gone and at night . I use them here for training and they work out very very well.

7. New puppies are like newborn babies. They need to stay warm, dry and fed. The pens allow them time to eat even at night, a place with their own stuff in it, this will be their safe zone. The potty training usually takes one year. Be patient , it will happen.. 

8. Hot summers in the south need to be taken very seriously. Heat stroke is very real in the long hot summers for young puppies and older dogs too.

9. Swimming pools ! Please watch your pup around any water . Also, high places they can jump from could injure their knee (patella's) or even break a leg. 

10. Don't want to scare you...just a few things to watch out for. 

Thank you for adopting one of our Yorkie babies. I will be just a phone call away if you need advise or assistance with your new pup. Every effort has been made to ensure your pup is healthy , happy and ready for their new journey to new homes. If I have missed anything or you have further questions , please contact me. 409-579-1177

Mary Fontenot